Below is a BBQ I designed and built from reclaimed material. Further down is an outhouse I designed and helped building using as much reclaimed material as possible.

Reclaimed BBQ

What do you do whit an old chimney, a broken fence and plenty of stones?




The concept of the BBQ is to be able to cook from any direction with plenty of grill space and as little visual impact as possible, allowed by the material. Depending on the wind, choice of view (ocean or forest) or to get a better angle to flip your vegetables, the chef can work 360 degrees around the grill. It also allows the chef to face guests seated just in front of the barbecue area, making it possible to socialize while cooking.


Working within tradition and environment


The outhouse is connected to a summerhouse situated in Klubbviken, the gateway to Luleå harbour. In winter, the coal ships can be spotted, seemingly gliding over the ice. In the spring, with the return of the birds and leaves, the buildings slowly thaw from snow and reveal their presence.


Within this environment, tradition and nature are the elements which the architecture is humbly and gladly guided by. The outhouse is designed for a private moment while remaining in contact with nature. A contact which translates into both an ecosystem and a presence.                 2019