This project is a sound system by Bang & Olufsen for the Lamborghini Urus I was part of designing.

iF DESIGN AWARD 2019, Discipline Product

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish company that have been designing sound systems since 1925. In recent years they also create the sound experience for premium car brands. For the latest project they collaborated with Lamborghini to develop the sound system for the SSUV Urus.

The sound system was designed during my internship at Bang & Olufsen in 2016

Lamborghini elements

Extracting some fundamentals from the Lamborghini DNA to work with as detailed elements. The shapes are built up by the characteristic triangular framework. These were the directions we wanted to work with early on although not exclusively.

Creating an integrated feature

The speaker system is an integrated part of the car and not an individual feature. The outline and direction of the speaker grill was defined by analysing the main lines and flow of the door trim.

Rapid prototyping

An important part of the design is to make sure the hole pattern is harmonious from all angles, especially from the viewpoint of the driver and passenger. By quickly testing patterns in a simulated environment the hole pattern took form. In this way we were able to test hundreds of iterations and different patterns.

Detailing, material, finish and colour study

The detailing, material, colour and finish of the speaker had to work well with the car interior but also express the characteristic Bang & Olufsen  feeling. The uninterrupted transition from leather to natural aluminium creates a simple expression with a distinct contrast. In this way the speaker is able to draw attention while remaining a natural part of the door.

Refined prototyping

As the project developed the prototypes became more refined. The prototypes were also a good way of communicating with the collaborating company. The transparency of the hole pattern for the sound waves  had theoretically  been implemented earlier in the design. With the later prototypes it was possible to test the audio quality in real life.

Final result

The final result is an integrated part of the interior. The speaker resonates with the holistic atmosphere. Looking closer you see the flawless execution of implementation  materials and finish that is Bang & Olufsen.

Johan Edzén - Portfolio                 2019