I am a designer who is passionate about finding solutions to peoples problems that feels like natural nodes in our everyday flow of life. I aim to create objects that enhance the human experience and strive towards better life quality for all.


From my 2 years of experience as a designer I have worked on refining my craftsmanship to be able to bring creative solutions into finished products. I love working together with people and value the stories people have shared with me. I believe stories are the foundation to good design.

Here is my education.

Royal Danish Academy of Design

Master studies in industrial design

At the design academy I focused on developing my design process and my skills to create products that increase our life quality. I had the chance to explore designing for amputees, for professional cleaning and for minimizing our use of resources.

As a designer I strive to create a symbiosis between form and function to make people's lives more enjoyable.

Below is a little about myself and my aspiration.

-Delivered detailed design solutions for TP-Link WiFi Routers.

-Proposed and delivered design concepts for multiple home consumer goods.

-Created material for presentations of concepts to clients.

Bang & Olufsen Automotive/

Harman Lifestyle Division

Design intern, 10 months

This is my work experience.

David Lewis Designers

Design intern, 6 months

-Designed and developed the sound system for the Lamborghini Urus.

-Communicated and produced prototypes with manufacturers.

-Designed sound system concepts and built prototypes for Bentley.

-Created UX elements and interaction concepts for Audi.

Umeå Institute of Design

Intensive course in industrial design

Luleå University of Technology

Bachelor industrial design engineer

For a year I studied industrial design with a human centred approach together with people with different backgrounds from all around the world. The course consisted of projects in industrial, service, transportation and interaction design.

At LTU I studied ergonomic, technical and aesthetic aspects of design with the person and environment the design is aimed for in focus. From my time in LTU I learned a lot of the skills related to CAD, manufacturing techniques and ergonomic assessments I use today.


These are some of my skills.


Siemens NX





Rhinoceros 3D




Swedish (native)

English (fluent)

Danish (proficient)

This is something I care for.

I just got accepted to volunteer at a children’s hospice, where I will support and care for children in palliative situations and their families. I will also help out with gardening and maintenance around the building.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice


Vancouver, (2019-present)

johan.edzen@gmail.com                 2018